If you don't know your ring size, you have a few options available:

Option 1: Easiest and most accurate way

Get a ring sizer first when you place your order. Under the Ring Size select the option "Don't Know - Send Sizer First then Ring" and place your order. We will ship a ring sizer to you first so that you can measure the ring size, and then, once you let us know the size, we will ship the ring.

Option 2: Fastest way

Download our printable ring sizer, print it, and follow the instructions to get your ring size.

Option 3: Get measured locally

We recommend visiting two local jewelry stores to confirm the sizing. Request to be sized for regular rings (non-comfort fit) and order half a size smaller since our rings are comfort fit.

Option 4: For a surprise gift

If the ring is intended to be a surprise, and therefore you cannot measure the ring size, you can order an approximate size and if the ring doesn't fit take advantage of our free size exchange to get the correct size at a later time. An average ring size for men is size 10. For smaller hands, order size 8, and for bigger hands, order size 12.


* If you don't get the sizing perfect the first time, don't worry, the first size exchange is free of charge, even for personalized items.